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YTIME: Expanded™
YTIME: Expanded™ Time & Labor Management System is a robust and versatile web-based system with integrated enhanced human resource and scheduling functionality. Created to address the most complex and evolving business needs, YTIME: Expanded™ offers powerful reporting capabilities, accrual benefit tracking, flexible scheduling and absence management functionality, configurable business logic, and so much more!
Application Highlights
Flexible Pay Calculation Database allows customization of Employee Types and Pay Rules associated with regular, overtime, comp time, and other custom pay category configurations with a few clicks of a mouse. Multiple scenarios can be supported, such as cost allocation tracking, shift differentials, rounding rules, automatic lunch deductions, and more.
The versatile Accrual Benefit Management Module incorporates company requirements such as Tenure-Based and Hours-Worked-Based calculations. Additional configurations such as special eligibility rules, carry-over settings, and maximum accrued amounts are available. Synchronization with external payroll systems and Employee/Manager approval workflow reduce the occurrence of errors.
A comprehensive reporting engine provides easy filtering and sorting functionality, giving you quick access to detailed data. The Custom Report Creator™ feature allows each user to create and save unique reports based upon their individual needs. Choose from a wide range of export options, including CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, Text, and XML.
Configurable Dashboard allows quick and easy access to the most critical areas of the system. Set company-wide dashboard defaults based upon user type or allow each user to configure their own dashboard based upon their individual needs.
Powerful Rate Tracking capabilities on a global and/or personal level includes rate-multipliers based upon special conditions and effective dating allows rate changes at any time during a pay period.
The Dynamic Scheduling Module provides On-The-Fly scheduling changes based upon daily shifts, weekly rotations, or other recurring-pattern-type schedules. Timesheets can be auto populated based upon such schedules and Workday Breakdown configurations allow allocation of time to various job costing applications on an automated level. Directly integrated with the Accrual Benefit Management Module, absence management becomes controllable, reportable, and easy.
Resolve Additional Workforce Management needs with our optional system add-ons. With options like Pre-Employment Background Checks, Integrated Document Storage, and Email Report Generator, customizing your system to work for you is incredibly easy!

Integration with third party systems eliminates double data entry and ensures data to and from our system gets to payroll quickly. Click the Integrations Button to learn more about our Integration Options.

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