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Data Collection Options
YTIME: Now offers a wide range of data collection options, many of which can be customized with features such as Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE), Battery-Backup Supplies, and Job Costing Prompts. All data collection options are scalable which allows you to choose the right device for each location, department, job, employee type, etc. Speak with out team today to discuss your data collection rquirements.
Card Readers
Biometric Devices
Mobile and Offsite Options
Three types of card readers are available: Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, and Proximity. From the most basic of reader to those that offer extended employee and manager capabilities, these easy-to-use devices work great in both single and multiple-site installations. Locations without internet access can take advantage of modem-based card readers, which only require a phone line to function. In offline mode, information is stored in a secured manner until data can be transferred.
Optional Features:
Ethernet or Modem Connectivity, up to 5 Levels of Job Costing, User Capacity up to 10,000, User Validation, Allocate Tips and Piece Work, and more!
Biometric devices identify an individual by examining a unique physical characteristic such as a fingerprint or hand-geometry. Ethernet-based connectivity provides virtual real-time data transfer. These devices also eliminate abuse of time issues, such as buddy punching, and the potential of lost cards/badges. Certain devices that combine both biometric technology with built-in card readers are also available.
Optional Features:
Up to 5 Levels of Job Costing, Memory Upgrades Available, User Validation, Access Accrual Balances, View Schedules, and more!
Mobile and offsite devices, as well as our VOICE: Now™ Telephony option, allow users to capture time remotely. With fast and reliable data capturing capabilities, devices geared toward mobile and dynamic workforces vary from wireless barcode readers to our iOS- and Android-supported Mobile Application.
Optional Features:
Job Costing (Levels Vary by Device/Option), Complete Detailed Audit Trail Including Caller ID, Unlimited User Capacity for VOICE: Now™ and Personal Handheld Device Entry, and more!