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YTIME: Scheduler™

How many employees will it take to cover a shift? What happens if one or more of those employees call off? What happens to the labor budget when covering those absences? These are just a few of the questions Managers are faced with when it comes to Scheduling and Absence Management. Last minute changes may require quick decisions that solve one problem but often create another one: High Labor Costs.

YTIME: Scheduler™ has you covered!

Managers can create custom schedules by employee, department, location, and/or job, just to name a few.

Employees can view their upcoming schedules and time-off balances, submit requests, and receive approval/rejection notifications all through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) access.

In the event of an employee call-off, Managers can access multiple reporting tools to review the status of individual employees, departments, or your entire company to determine the best direction to cover that absence.

In addition, included features such as a Points Tracking System, Punch Restrictions based upon Scheduled Start/End Times, Accrual Management, and more, make YTIME: Scheduler™ the perfect solution for your Scheduling and Absence Management needs!

Application Highlights
Schedule Individuals or Groups
Drag & Drop Fill
Employee Preferences
Open Shift Visibility
Schedule to Skill & Proficiencies
Color-Coding Availability
Schedule Rule Definition & Constraints
Schedule Change Alerts & Notifications
ESS: Request Time Off
ESS: Shift Swap (Coming Soon)
ESS: Request Open Shift/Cover Shift (Coming Soon)
ESS: Change Availability (Coming Soon)
Skills & Certification Tracking
Management Drag & Drop Shift Transfer
Call List (Coming Soon)
Define Shifts & Schedules
Schedule Planning & Editing
Schedule Pattern Templates
Budget & Workload Definition
Workload Defined by Volume Parameters
Align Labor to Demand
Multiple Schedule Planning Views
Automatic Schedule Generation
Comprehensive Reporting
Coverage Graph & Metrics
Detailed Audit Trails
Planned versus Actual Schedule Metrics
Color-Coding Coverage
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